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Why Salads ?

Years back in 1996, we conceived the idea of starting a Salad Restaurant – the all natural salad bar. The concept of food with its natural taste. No colour ! No Preservatives ! No frozen Food !

Started with a takeaway counter of salads in a small garage, it worked and boosted our confidence to represent it as a food joint.

Starting it was a great journey of efforts from the garage to the restaurant floor ! The food prepared with loving efforts and served without dogma has spoken for itself. It seems that our increasing number of customers want some good home made style of pure and natural food.

The new Cellad Eatery is our latest effort to share the food we truly love and enjoy making. Our recipes are reliable and easy to follow. They have been thoroughly tested in our own homes. Some of these dishes are delicate & light, some are fancy and elegant. All are healthy and sumptuous. We have paid special attention to create a broad variety of dishes that are lower in Fat content and high in Vitamins and Fibers.

At Cellad Eatry, we are forever inviting new dishes to keep ourselves and the customer engaged. As always our study of ethnic cuisines has been inexhaustible source of inspiration. Transforming traditional dishes, while retaining their distinctive ethnicity or regional character, is our forte and our passion.

We love to eat, and we hate to be bored by food! Eating well is the central part of living well. Preparing food at Cellad Eatery and sharing it with others provide opportunities for learning, teaching, creating, sharing the culture and bringing the people close to gather.

We experience a moment of pure awareness and feel grateful for the simple goodness of Cellad Eatery. It is rare that we make a perfect dish, one that can’t be improved, but what a piece of luck that we enjoy, trying! It’s one of the long term pleasures of serving our special customers at Cellad Eatery

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